Preparing to Win

I was chatting with a friend the other day who landed a new job that he was thrilled about. While this might not seem so remarkable, it really is. My friend, John, stayed home, for the last seven years, to take care of his thirteen year old son. In the last year, he is also raising his 18-month old grandson. His focus has been on carpooling, baby music classes at the local Y, and volunteering at his son’s school.

So how did he land the new job? All along, John has been reading to stay current in his field, taking the occasional online class while the baby sleeps, and reconnecting to people he knew from business.

John was preparing to win – even if he didn’t consciously do so. When we are of the mindset to contribute to others, do things to keep up our confidence, and continue to build our knowledge and network, when the opportunity arises we can jump in and succeed.

Have a great day,

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