The Power of the Unexpected

On Saturday, I committed to volunteer for three hours in the afternoon. While I was happy to share my time, I will admit I had second thoughts after seeing the first really magnificent spring day in Chicago.

When I walked down to the lobby after participating in two meetings, I saw a pleasant enough women sitting at the table we would share. She seemed very nice, but I was glad I has brought a book because with so few people in the building, the three hours could really drag.

After we introduced ourselves to one another, I realized I was seated next to one of the fascinating people I had met in a  very long time and we had so much in common.

Needless to say, the three hours zipped by and we had a great time while contributing our time to help others.

My lesson from Saturday is this: when you go into new situations know that many things can emerge that could be highly beneficial. So leverage the power of the unexpected.

Have a great Monday,


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