Transforming Success

Thanks to my colleague in London, I have been listening to the “My Big Break” series on  NPR. It’s quite fascinating to hear about the pivot points in a person’s career and life. Anyone who knows me, know how much I love these kinds of stories.

Yet as I read the comments from some of the stories, not everyone was encouraged. Some were clearly downright discouraged. When I paused to self-reflect, one thing clearly bubbled up: there was little or no tension, conflict, or struggle – and without that, it wasn’t clear how each person had to transform in order have that big break.

Sharing the inner transformation that occurs in nearly everyone’s successful life is crucial for our stories to inspire others (and ourselves) to greater determination, tenacity, and ultimately to high levels of success. While it takes courage to share that messy middle, the payoff to you and those who hear your story is ginormous.

More to follow,


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