Career Change Success

I was chatting with a woman I know who, in 2007, changed careers from Trading to Marketing. At the time, at the beginning of the economic meltdown, changing careers was highly improbable. Yet, this individual was like a marathoner with a deep commitment to achieve her goal.

Unlike others, my friend refused to complain or blame the environment. She kept looking for opportunities and gave, even the small ones, her focus, skills, and talents – with humility. Each project, internship, and part time job prepared her for the next level of her development.

Today, she is doing quite well and leading all digital marketing for a prestigious company in retail.

What I learned from my friend is this: know what you want, find ways to ride out the challenging times (even if they last for what seems a LONG time), and appreciate every person who helps you along the way.

Have a great day,

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