The Paradox of the Turnaround

Last night, a friend was sharing a few ideas from a conference she attended. The keynote is a researcher from Ohio who is also an entrepreneur and mother of a teenage daugher. This woman’s perspective was unique and powerful.

She believes that it’s easy to feel that things happen TO us- especially those events that we might label negative, unpleasant, and as a barrier to our success and happiness. While this is totally understandable (After all, we are human.), this woman believes that looking at the world this way is disempowering and backward.

Her approach is to view these events as coming FROM us. Wow, was that a shocker. It made me think: “how would this work?”

Here is my conclusion:

  • When I look at things happening TO me, I lose energy, lack creativity, and allow myself to feel that people and circumstances control me..
  • When I recognize that these events are coming FROM me, I can step back, see what I need to change within myself, and feel able to transform my situation for the better

Experiment with this approach and see how it can enhance your life and those around you.

Have a great weekend,


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