Isn’t More Better?

I was chatting with someone recently who wanted to regroup, jumpstart her career, and make consistent progress. She was very open to the idea of taking tiny actions that are positive, progressive, and doable. After a bit of conversation, she agree to work on a particular aspect of her goal for five minutes each day for the next seven days. Then, she had an almost immediate change of heart and felt that she should be able to do more.

“Think of it this way,” I said. “Five minutes a day is about two and a half hours in course of a month (which if you make the step too big, you could end up with zero time spent and little or no progress made).”

If you are tempted to commit to more than you are really ready and able to do with certainty, choose something where you can absolutely win – and when you do, give yourself a gold star.

Have a great day,


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