The Big Success Blocker

I was chatting with a friend last night about a time that no matter what I did, I kept ending up in the same (dare I say, negative) place. It wasn’t that I didn’t work hard, have a good heart, or want to help other people. I did all that and more – which only made my lack of progress SO frustrating and discouraging.

At one point, I felt that I had pushed as far as I could go – and to be honest, I was exhausted. One of my wise friends offered up some advice – which I immediately rejected. She told me that I had negativity, resentment, and even grudges in my heart and it was blocking the good things from getting to me. I kept thinking that my friend, although kind, didn’t understand my situation – how unfair things were and how I should be rewarded for my extraordinary effort alone. Clearly, she wasn’t buying it.

Her final comment to me that day was, “It’s really up to you. You can transform the resentment inside of you or you can wear it like a very costly anchor. I guarantee that you won’t get very far carrying around that weight, no matter how right and justified you feel.”

I wasn’t thrilled with my friend’s advice, but as things did not get better, I began to look for something in seemingly negative people and circumstances to move me to a more appreciative place.

All I can say it that it fundamentally changed my life and it could change yours.

Have a great day,


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