The Power of Real Recognition

I am the type of person who really appreciates being recognized when I add value to a person, team, or project – and I don’t need tons of specificity for me to feel good about the experience.

That said, I was working with a woman this week who felt decidedly unappreciated at her job. When I asked this individual about the circumstances, it was clear that there were many times where she was praised, yet those comments didn’t count because they were general in tone. “Good Job!” and “We really appreciate your efforts.” not only weren’t meaningful, they seemed fake.

Two lessons from this:

1. If you are feeling unappreciated or receive general recognition, say thank you and if it’s appropriate, ask for a few specifics.

2. If you are giving praise for a job well done, include some details. That can give your words more power and impact.

Have a great weekend,

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