The Positive Power of Conflict

I was chatting with a former colleague a month ago and he was telling me about his concern about creating any conflict in his new company. Unfortunately, his fear has translated into a not-so-successful onboarding. My former colleague has a reputation for not pushing back and allowing others to have their way – so as not to create conflict.

During our conversation, I asked him about the positive power of conflict. He thought he had heard me incorrectly and that I meant the negative power of conflict. We both laughed and a dialogue ensued. By the end of the time, my former colleague realized that a little conflict can be a good thing as soon as the individual is open to listening and having his/her mind changed.

I spoke to him earlier this week and he has been looking for the value in conflict and while he is still struggling a bit, he is making headway, enhancing his reputation, and enjoying his job.

Have a great day,


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