What’s Holding Up Your Success?

I chatted with a friend, back in the winter, who was feeling frustrated about his self-described lack of success. I really like this person and wondered why he felt the way he did. As we talked about his goals, aspirations, and level of commitment, it was clear he was holding back. When I questioned him about it, he confessed that he was very uncomfortable building the relationships he needed to achieve the level of success he desired.

Now, those of you who know me, are aware of my directness – and that it’s not out of any meanness, but out of caring. That said, I asked my friend if he was really up to doing the things that would lead him to greater success. He shrugged his shoulders and never answered me. We moved on to another subject.

Last week, I heard from him out of the blue and he shared something exciting with me. He hit a really important milestone with one of his goals. I was thrilled for him. Without my even asking him, my friend share the “secret” to his new-found success. “I changed,” he told me. “After our last conversation I realized that I could wait around for something to change or be the impetus of that change. While I didn’t appreciate your pressing me with your question when we spoke in the winter – you spurred me on. Thanks for that.”

My takeaway from my friend – if you want your circumstances to change for the better, you need to start by transforming some aspect of you – from the inside out.”

Have a great day,


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