Are Your Goals Stalled?

I have been thinking about and conducting research on goals – and why some people achieve them and others seem to flounder regardless of how much effort they put in – for a long time.

I know from my own experience that whenever I am conflicted about a goal (for any myriad of reasons) my actions seem to lead me nowhere. In fact, instead of feeling good about completing certain steps, I feel discouraged, frustrated, and like I have wasted a bunch of time.

At those moments (if I have the presence of time to “remember” this), I deeply self-reflect and look for one tiny place where I have even the possibility of disunity in my heart. When I do, and make the internal shift, I see forward movement. Thank goodness.

From my research, I have learned that this kind “this internal conflict, transform it, and feel appreciative” approach is not unique to me. People from all walks of life do the same thing and little by little move ahead.

Have a great day,


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