Reach Out With Patience

Last night I was talking to my mother. Somehow her TV (in the living room) was turned off “incorrectly” and when she turned it back on  – nothing, only a black screen with the number two in the upper right-hand corner. She and I both knew that we needed to change that two to a three and everything would be fine.

We tried. I went on my tablet and pulled how a picture of her remote so we could work on this together along with the manual. Even though we didn’t fix her TV last night, the time and effort we both made helped her feel better – and the patience I employed came in handy this morning in a situation at the office.

Patience can be time-consuming, frustrating, and even annoying. Yet, it can also be worth it. With patience, you can brighten another person’s heart as it can show how much you care.



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