Bus Loads of Appreciation

I went to a friend’s house yesterday afternoon for a wonderful time of brainstorming and feedback (quite fun for me). My friend is working on a new program and I was more than happy to be invited to the festivities.

The evening was beautiful, so I decided to walk part of the way home and then catch the bus. When the bus arrived and I climbed on and exchanged a few words with the driver.

After a wonderfully uneventful ride, I was about the get off the bus at my stop and the bus driver asked me something that was a complete surprise. She reminded me that I had given her one of the wooden “Tokens of Appreciation” that I created a few years ago and wanted to know where she could buy them. I told her that I had them made, but if she wanted to reach out to me I would get her some.

As I walked home, I once again realized how a tiny act of gratitude and appreciation can have a positive rippling effect. You just never know where a kind work, thank you or “Token of Appreciation” can lead. I was so fortunate to end up on the 152 bus around 8pm last night because I could see the impact in the smile of the bus driver.

Share appreciation today,


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