Step 4: Refine Your Vision

I met with someone today who had a terrible thing happen to him a few years ago. After jumping out of airplanes for most of his adult life, one day he woke up and was in excruciating pain. The surgeries were supposed to help and then did a little until one left him quadriplegic.

While this might have knocked out most people, with this remarkable man it did not. When I asked him how he kept going, he was incredibly clear: he created a new vision. This doesn’t mean he threw everything away, he kept what he could and refined the rest.

In the end, his quadriplegia was not permanent (thank goodness!). In fact, his transformation left him in better shape – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This horrible situation gave him the courage to go after new things.

What a guy!

Have a great day,


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