When Compromise is a Bad Idea

I chatted with two  individuals last week and I was struck by how different their accomplishments are. This observation gave me pause because I couldn’t quite figure out why the variance. Here are two very bright women with clear goals, talents, and ambitions. Each has had a boatload of challenges – some that require more resilience than most people can muster up.

Why was one person able to bounce back where the other woman couldn’t. You may think that the two people are so different that how could we draw any conclusions at all. Point taken. That said, one thing stuck out in my mind: the difference between success and failure (as each woman defined it for herself) came from how much the person compromised on her dreams.

In most cases, compromise is a good thing – whether it’s with our family, friends, and/or colleague. Yet when we compromise what we truly want out of fear, it’s a bad idea. The result is less than satisfactory.

So instead of adjusting our goals to not be scared, consider a different approach. Keep the big dream, but create a tiny action that moves you toward that dream and doesn’t freak you out. Then you have the motivation of the big dream and the momentum by setting an action and completing it.

Something to ponder,


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