Fake Scary

Given that today is Halloween and ghostly things are all around, I have a question: “What is scary?”

Of course, there are many things that are truly terrifying out in the world. That said, most of the really frightening things are within our mind. I see it all the time: people freaking themselves out before they even start. (I have been known to do that, too.)

So today, think about what you want to do and take a  step can you do immediately. If you get scared, choose something smaller and/or more important to you.

Have a great weekend,


Which Do You Do More of – Encourage or Discourage?

I was chatting with two people I know. One person looks for the best in people and others are happy to see him. The other is (ugh!) negative and picks people apart. Many people run in the opposite direction when they see her.

The question: who do you want to be – the person who encourages others or the one who leaves people worse off?

Have a great day,

Filet of Stuff

I was watching two friends set goals. One selecting something really important to her and the other friend chose something reasonable, absolutely doable, and a substantial compromise.

I would be presumptuous to say that either approach is wrong, bad, or undesirable. That said, I would humbly suggest that you will want to set a goal that is important to you, a stretch, and a step forward.

However, if you are going to expend efforts on something why not focus on the really good things – or the filet of stuff. Choosing the very best can be a powerful motivator.

Have a great day,

Empowering Responsibility

I met with someone (who we will call Daniel) about eight months ago who are struggling with a manager in his new job. While Daniel knew that he couldn’t quit his job (because his income was really needed to support his family), he REALLY wanted to leave.

What was making it hard for Daniel is that he wanted to blame his manager for the problem. Easy to do, but there is always a second side to things. Daniel wanted to hear none of that.

Yet in the end, he realized that the only way to positively change the relationship he had with his manager was to transform the negative aspects within himself.

I am happy to report that it worked. Daniel is happier, more productive, and way more successful than before. His approach took courage and humility – an unlikely, but powerful pair.

Have a great week,

Pause and Integrate

My negotiation class was quite enlightening. There were so many lessons learned and my head is filled with new concepts, strategy, and experiences.

Now I am taking a pause and allowing things that I learned to be absorbed by my brain and heart – so I can apply what I learned – now and into the future.

Have a great weekend,