The Power of Tenacity

I just met with someone who has an opportunity for a new job. While this may not sound so extraordinary, given that people find jobs everyday. For my friend, it’s a really big deal.

Let me paint a not so pretty picture that started mid-2013. My friend was summarily fired from his position – actually walked to the door and asked to come back for his belongings after his now former employer could look through all of them.

Ugh! I actually got a call from him on his way out the door. He sounded crushed. On top of this, were the pressures of supporting his family with his salary.

He went into the job search with a great deal of determination, but there were times when his motivation approached zero. Yet he kept going – and his tenacity has paid off in ways he could never have planned.

Congrats, friend!

Have a great day,


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