Do You Have the Courage to Succeed?

I have been reading a very interesting book on career reinvention for an upcoming panel I am moderating. Until one of the last chapters, the content seemed a little light to me. Things like: understand your strengths, talk to people in the field, and craft your new story. All good stuff, but there are many other sources that impart the same wisdom.

Yet, as I was reading along, the author (Claire Cook) really caught my attention. She shared a series of setbacks with her publisher, former publisher, and agent that might have caused the faint of heart to run away from the whole situation. Yet, she showed tremendous courage (after feeling sorry for herself for a bit) to take control of her career and create a new business model that, with time, is proving to be effective. That is not to say that she wasn’t deeply disappointed (even crushed), but she summoned up the courage, determination, and reason why she was a novelist in the first place and used it to her advantage.

So, if you have a dream without courage – not much will happen. If you choose a goal that is important to you (as writing is for Claire), much of the courage will be built in. So choose wisely and with your heart.

Have a great day,


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