Is Pursuing Your Passion a Waste of Time?

I have been hearing for years that you owe it to yourself to pursue your passion. Otherwise, the experts say, you will have an unfulfilling career and life. This point of view leaves many struggling to find the one thing that will help them create the “perfect” career.

Wow! That’s a ton of pressure. On top of that, recent research shows that perhaps we have it backwards. Instead of following your passion, bring it with you to everything you do. So instead of chasing it and invariably not quite catching it, it is always with you to inspire others and yourself.

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Incremental Courage Pays Off

I spoke to a new friend today. She had been out of the workforce for 12 years and was ready to jump back in. However, there were many barriers – some external (like employers’ perception of her stay-at-home role) and others internal (like fear and lack of confidence).

That said, she broke through by building her courage bit by bit. The great news is that she landed a new job and is off and running.

Way to go friend!

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Listen for Success

I have been known to give an answer (often my opinion) before a question is even asked. Even if I am “right”, my being presumptuous could invalidate my contribution.

Questions can clearly lead us to greater success and happiness, if we pause and listen to question, really think about the answer, and share what we want to say with humility. Then your brilliance can shine. You can create significant value, make the other person feel good, and who knows – you could uncover something really special.

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Yes Power

I was with a large group of people last Friday and there were two distinct types of conversations. One was all about how things couldn’t and wouldn’t work out and with “no” and “but” the top preferred choice of words. The other group focused on the possibility with “yes” and “also” used a lot.

It could be that I only heard unrepresentative snippets of the conversations, yet I think not.

The first group was clearly discouraged, unhappy, and skewed to the negative – and I suspect their results will be unremarkable (if left to their own devices).

The second group is more like Jim Carrey’s character in the movie “Yes Man”. He kept saying yes to everything and while he went to some places that were not good in the short term, in the long term he really won.

Most people will sit somewhere in the middle of yes and no. From all of the research I have read, getting closer to yes is the way to go.


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Swayed From Success

I was meeting with a student this week and the day before he got together with individuals in his dream career path of Banking They painted a rather bleak picture of his chances of entering the field and the student left rather discouraged.

By the time he sat down in my office, this student was so swayed by his new “friends” that he had given up. Each time we discussed a possible point of entry, this student told me why it couldn’t happen.

So we stopped the conversation and I asked him if he was still interested in the role in Banking. When he told me he was, we talked about while it’s important to know the reality of the situation not let it determine his outcome.

It’s so easy to be swayed by others. Be sure that you have a solid grounding in why your goal is important to you and then look for ways to make it happen. And, if you get shut down in one direction – find another path to your success.

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