Success Stopper

I have been having conversations with someone I have known for a long time and she is in a work situation where the whole team is fighting and could be disbanded with fifteen people losing their jobs.

My friend, although a good leader, understands the problem but not the underlying cause. Over the weekend, it dawned on me that so many people on her team are resentful (and even holding grudges). Grudges are massive success stoppers on so many levels and if you are holding one, it’s almost impossible to see it.

So what’s a person to do? First, notice if you are not making the progress you would like. Then, ask yourself who would you not want to see succeed? The answer to that question will give you some clues as to where you might be holding a grudge. Even if holding a grudge is only a small possibility, consider looking for three things that you genuinely appreciate in the “offender”. Once you do this, you are on your way to breaking through barriers between you and your desired success.

While there may be other factors, uncovering any grudges (big or small) is a great place to start.

Have a wonderful week,


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