Yes Power

I was with a large group of people last Friday and there were two distinct types of conversations. One was all about how things couldn’t and wouldn’t work out and with “no” and “but” the top preferred choice of words. The other group focused on the possibility with “yes” and “also” used a lot.

It could be that I only heard unrepresentative snippets of the conversations, yet I think not.

The first group was clearly discouraged, unhappy, and skewed to the negative – and I suspect their results will be unremarkable (if left to their own devices).

The second group is more like Jim Carrey’s character in the movie “Yes Man”. He kept saying yes to everything and while he went to some places that were not good in the short term, in the long term he really won.

Most people will sit somewhere in the middle of yes and no. From all of the research I have read, getting closer to yes is the way to go.


Food for thought,



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