A Pause

I hope you are getting ready for the holiday season and 2015.

I am going to take a pause, reflect, and set goals for 2015.

While I may pop in from time to time in the next couple of weeks, I will certainly back on 1.5.2015.

Happy holidays and a wonderful 2015!



You’re Better Than You Think

I was working with someone this week who I believe is incredibly skilled, personable, and competent. Yet when I met with him, I was so surprised by his inability to see the great stuff I see.

It made me wonder why he was so attuned to his weaknesses and not so clear about his myriad of strengths. I have come to the conclusion that we are “taught” to be excellent problem solvers and part of this is quickly finding weaknesses and fixing them.

I encourage you to explore yourself appreciatively -knowing that since your brain is wired to solve problems, you will definitely see the whole package as a matter of course.

Have a great day,

Skinny Success

I met with someone today who has a BIG idea – massive some might say.

What we both concluded was that the idea is TOO BIG – not forever, but for today. For my friend to be really successful, he will need to make his idea skinny – focused, narrow, and deep. Then once he masters his first audience, he can tap into another one and another one and so on.

His big idea can be huge – one babystep at a time.

Have a great weekend,

Success Begets Success

I was doing a bit of research recently to see how people turn obstacles into assets. I was specifically delving into the impact of one’s brain on success. This is an extension of the Success Brain program I delivered in 2013.

Here are a few things of note (with more to follow) that may be useful to you as you set goals for 2015:

  • Willpower and single-minded discipline are not enough because they are not sustainable forever (at least for me, I would say – “Obviously!”)
  • Training your brain by giving it experiences of success with even tiny wins establishes a physiology of brain chemistry that creates winning streaks
  • So, choose goals that are important to you. Select the ones that have a time horizon of less than three months and where you can win many, many times over that 120 or so days.

Also, remember a success can be anything – even spending 10 minutes a day to read something encouraging. I have lots of recommendations!

Have a great day,

Can You Be Trusted?

You may be thinking. “Of course I can be trusted. Why would you think otherwise?”

Well, let’s step back a bit and let me tell you why I am asking this question to you and to myself.

Certainly instilling trust in others is key to being given all kinds of responsibilities and opportunities – personal and professional. We do this when our actions match our commitments. In other words, when we do what we promise to do.

Yet there is another side of this and that is inside yourself. When you tell yourself you are going to do things and don’t, your brain stops “believing” and supporting you in your dreams, goals, and aspirations.

So my suggestion is this: choose things that you truly want to do and take actions that are progressive yet readily doable. This approach allows you to grow your capacity, confidence, and inner trustworthiness (that impacts everything).

Enjoy your day,

Are You Asking Yourself the “Right” Questions?

I was chatting with a student who was rather discouraged about his job search. He had been out of work for awhile and was not getting the traction he hoped for.

I have known him for more than a year and he was rather negative (not his usual M.O.) As we chatted more, we both realized that he was asking questions that could only yield more negativity like: What’s wrong with me? Am I a loser? You and I can both see why the responses would yield answers going nowhere good.

Yet, this student didn’t realize the damage he was doing to his already fragile confidence – until we reversed roles and he could hear the questions and answers from outside of himself.

My lesson is this: the questions can be even more important than the answers because they will shape them.

Have a great day,