Beyond Confusion

I was reading a book over the weekend about the differences between individuals who met (or exceeded) their goals. The insights the author shared surprised me a bit. While there things like procrastination, fear of success/failure, and lack of a solid story – the biggest cause wasn’t so obvious to me.

The author believes that confusion is the greatest obstacle a person can face.My first question to myself was: “Confusion about what?” As I read on, the author answered my question. Her point was very clear. Confusion is a lack of solid focus that can be caused by:

  • Having too many goals at one time
  • Changing your mind to what is most important to you and where you want to put your time and resources
  • Being swayed by other people’s opinion

So it made me self-reflect and see where I might need a bit more single-minded focus. A mini project for the week.

Join me and have a great week,


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