Can You Be Trusted?

You may be thinking. “Of course I can be trusted. Why would you think otherwise?”

Well, let’s step back a bit and let me tell you why I am asking this question to you and to myself.

Certainly instilling trust in others is key to being given all kinds of responsibilities and opportunities – personal and professional. We do this when our actions match our commitments. In other words, when we do what we promise to do.

Yet there is another side of this and that is inside yourself. When you tell yourself you are going to do things and don’t, your brain stops “believing” and supporting you in your dreams, goals, and aspirations.

So my suggestion is this: choose things that you truly want to do and take actions that are progressive yet readily doable. This approach allows you to grow your capacity, confidence, and inner trustworthiness (that impacts everything).

Enjoy your day,


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