Success Begets Success

I was doing a bit of research recently to see how people turn obstacles into assets. I was specifically delving into the impact of one’s brain on success. This is an extension of the Success Brain program I delivered in 2013.

Here are a few things of note (with more to follow) that may be useful to you as you set goals for 2015:

  • Willpower and single-minded discipline are not enough because they are not sustainable forever (at least for me, I would say – “Obviously!”)
  • Training your brain by giving it experiences of success with even tiny wins establishes a physiology of brain chemistry that creates winning streaks
  • So, choose goals that are important to you. Select the ones that have a time horizon of less than three months and where you can win many, many times over that 120 or so days.

Also, remember a success can be anything – even spending 10 minutes a day to read something encouraging. I have lots of recommendations!

Have a great day,


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