What Wins in Your Life: Fear or Fabulous?

I have been reading and analyzing a fair amount of research on the impact of various things on the brain. The two big ones are: appreciation (gratitude and growth) and complaint (that often stems from fear).

The findings are both provocative and useful. First, one bit of news is that complaining is NOT good. Cognitive functioning actually goes down. Yikes. We certainly don’t want that.

On the other hand, appreciation stimulates the brain in ways that encourages us to do more of the good stuff and feel great in the process.

Bottom Line: forget complaint and feel fabulous.

Enjoy your weekend,


Are You Courageous Enough to Be Unique

I was working with someone this week whose quantitative and artistic skills are highly developed – where it amazes me that all of this talent can be contained in one person.

That said, his message to the world has been a bit generic MBA – not a bad thing for many, yet very limiting to my friend. He stage is global and life-changing for those of us fortunate enough to see through his eyes.

He is stepping up and having the courage to be bold on his own terms.

Way to go, friend.

Be bold in your world – authentically, courageously, and from your heart.

Have a great day,

Success Beyond the Obstacle

I don’t know what sort of reflection this is in my life – more than a few people have been complaining to me about others in their lives.

In my belief system, these individuals are providing clues on how to transform my life, and in doing so, my relationships, success, and happiness.

It’s so easy to “assign” our success and happiness to someone in our life. Often it’s the person or persons who must change first. Since we can’t change anyone, this sets up a cycle of upset, disappointment, and frustration – and having less of what we want.

Well – the good and bad news is that our success and happiness is up to us. No pressure here – just a sense of control that allows you to win within yourself and have that radiate out.

It’s a direct path to what you want.

Have a great day,

From Grandiose to Actual Proof

I have a friend with a really big dream – some may say so big that it’s unrealistic, grandiose, and excessively ambitious. On the surface, you could easily see my friend’s aspirations as impossible – and if he stopped with his ginormous vision I would agree with you.

What makes my friend’s dream real are the practical steps he sets for himself – and achieves. From studying Japanese to teaching in a high school to getting his PhD to working for a world class university to starting a institute that honors his mentor.

Sounds like he is well on his way to achieving his big dream.

Thank you, friend. Time for me to step up and I encourage those who are reading this to do the same.

Have a great weekend,

The “Make the Good Go Around” Payoff

Gratitude is so cool because it sends your brain into a virtuous cycle – good begets even better. When your brain experiences the good from the gratitude, it looks for things that confirm what it is already experiencing. So if you send a bit a gratitude it looks for more.

The brain doesn’t stop there. It send endorphins, dopamine, and a few other things that courage your positive orientation, attitude, and behavior. Hence that virtuous cycle – big payoffs for your relationships, capacity, and confidence.

Good stuff.


The Power of Focused Attention

I was facilitating a teleconference yesterday and there were 76 people on the call.

That was a lot of people.

Yet I wonder how many were actually focused, listening, and gaining benefit from the speaker?

What I have seen in others (and experienced myself) is multi-tasking can yield a mediocre outcome for the multitude of activities in which you might be engaged. One thing at a time often results in better outcomes, more confidence, and deeper relationships.

Just a thought,