Eliminate One Good Fortune Stopper

Do you derail your good fortune? If you think you may, please read on.

Over the holidays, I had a very interesting conversation with a few people I met on the train to DC. Given the upbeat nature of the holiday season, the level of complaint was a bit surprising.

A young woman was on her way to visit family, but she was convinced that one of her cousins would ruin everything with his bad attitude, smoking, and foul mouth. I didn’t know if I should jump in and say something, but given that this was likely my only chance I spoke up.

I asked my fellow traveler if there was something about her cousin that she liked or valued. At first, she said “NO!” When I pushed her a bit more, she told me that he was nice to their granny and that was one thing that she liked. By the end of the conversation, she promised to focus on that one thing and appreciate that. A wonderful start!

So, is there anyone in your life you could complain about if given half a chance? Know that if you do, you derail your good fortune. I challenge you to think about even one thing of value of this person. As a start, focus on this. Even if it doesn’t change the other person, it will positively change you.

Have a great day,

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