Success Multiplier

Over the December holidays, I had a lot of time to think – especially about a few friends who had a really challenging 2014. Most are still in the midst of the challenge, yet one friend is starting to have more success and happiness.

When I asked her what had changed, one thing was absolutely clear. As corny as this may sound, she told me that she is more appreciative – certainly of the good things and even those things that frustrated her the most. I must have raised an eyebrow because she responded without a question. “Anita,” she told me, “when I was upset all the time, I become anchored to the ugly stuff and that upset me even more. So I found something of value in even the really hard circumstances. I can’t explain it, but I felt better, more productive, and happier.”

Looking at her life, greater success has followed, too.

Appreciation is a success multiplier if you share gratitude without expecting anything in return. Interesting (yet true) paradox.

Test it out.



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