The Power of the (Right) Ask

I was chatting with two different people this week and they were each seeking help with a job search from their network. Their results were rather different – one person was cruising along and about to receive an offer, while the other was frustrated, disappointed, and stuck.

Clearly the results were different. Since I wanted to help them both, I wanted to know why this disparity of outcomes.

When I dug a bit, the answer emerged. The first person asked for something little, expected nothing, and was appreciative with what he received. In doing so, he built credibility, trust, and confidence in the other people and they were willing to do move for him as time went on. The second person expected a lot, let the other person when s/he fell short, and rarely said “thank you.”

This is all common sense and surprisingly uncommon in action.

Something to think about when you make your next ask.

Have a good day,


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