Will This Decision Make You More Valuable?

I was chatting with someone last week and he had turned down what looked like an amazing opportunity – at least on the surface. This man’s job offer provided entry into a new industry, a prestigious company, and more money. Yet, he declined the offer.

I really wanted to know why as it didn’t make logical sense to me. “Anita,” he told me. “I asked myself one question: ‘Will this role make me more valuable, marketable, and in demand?’.”

Even though the whole deal was very attractive, the answer to the question was a clear NO. So he graciously told the company “thanks, but no thanks.”

His decision took a great deal of courage and it was the right thing to do.

So next time you are offered something that looks great on the surface, pause and then chat with a trusted mentor, friend, or advisor to receive an objective perspective.

Have a great day,


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