The Question Will Drive the Answer

I was chatting with someone recently who was not getting traction in building relationships inside his organization. This was actually surprising to me because is a rather affable person, doesn’t operate from a sense of entitlement, and seems genuinely thankful for any help he receives.

That made me very curious and I asked him what questions he was asking the people with whom he wanted to build a relationship. He seemed surprised I asked the question, but paused to think about it.

“I usually ask them about what would they do differently, so that I can see how I might be of help,” he told me. Without missing a beat, he realized that his question actually forced these individuals to look at what didn’t work – and that he was leading them to feel bad about the project and themselves. Even though this was not his intention.

Questions really do shape answers and how one feels about the interaction.

Something to consider and you deepen relationships at home, work, and in your community.

What’s best about your day – today?

See how that works,

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