When Less Creates Failure

Many people tout the “less is more” approach to things and most of the time I would agree.

Yet I had a recent experience where less was leading me to the wrong outcome. As mundane as this may sound, I track Weight Watchers (WW) points and have for a long time – with good effects.

Not that long ago, WW changed their algorithm and I lost more than 10% of my daily allowance. I thought I was okay with it, but I began to resist the change big time – to the point where I was not satisfied and didn’t want to track anymore. Then I realized that less was too little for me and if I didn’t make the adjustment the weight I took off many years ago could creep back on.

So, I upped my numbers and the result is great – I am satisfied, have more than enough to eat, and I am back on track.

Less is more – most of the time, but if you notice that you have subtracted too much, add a little back.

Enjoy your weekend,

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