Success Stopper

I don’t believe that anyone wants to consciously derail his success. Yet, I do see people putting the brakes on without being aware of what is happening. In fact, they are often perplexed as to why their goals are not being realized.

While there are many factors, one is persistent, pervasive, and powerful – and that is complaining about what others are doing and how it is harming you. Now, there are times when it really does appear that someone else is to blame – especially when the “evidence” is all over the place. Yet, at some level that doesn’t help you. The complaint and blame only serve to anchor you to a person or set of circumstances that aren’t working.

So consider looking inward and see where you might have even a tweensy, weensy bit of responsibility and initiate the change from within yourself. Perhaps it will be a waste of time, but I suspect that (at the very least) you will feel better about yourself and the situation.

Please experiment and report back.

Have a good day,


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