The Hazards of an Unappreciative Attitude

Ingratitude is like any other noxious material – most like those that are odorless and colorless. Individuals don’t realize how much damage has been done until something important is lost – usually a relationship with a friend, colleague, or family member.

The other thing is that an unappreciative attitude can creep in just about anywhere and in tiny, nearly imperceptible ways. It can start with taking someone for granted or being disappointed with less than 100% (from yourself and/or others) every time.

Even though the impact of ingratitude can be devastating, the fix can be simple, easy, and absolutely accessible (with an open mind). You can start with two words “thank you”, pause for a few minutes each day and recall in what ways your life is better because someone (likely multiple someones), and even reach out and acknowledge a person who makes your life good.

. . . and when you do, you brain releases a bunch of feel good stuff.

Thanks for reading this,


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