The Fastest Way to Capture Positive Attention

I was working with someone (we’ll call her Carrie) recently who wanted to know how to increase her Klout score and and other things that would help her gain lots of attention for herself and her business. While Carrie may sound a bit narcissistic (wanting to have the world look at her), I don’t believe that this is the case.

Carrie is afraid that if she doesn’t have lots of eyeballs on her business and herself, success will elude her. One of my mentors would tell Carrie she’s got it backwards. I can hear his voice now, “If you wanted to be interesting to others (and get lots of positive attention), be interested in whomever you meet. It’s the fastest way to build relationships that will support you – today and for years to come.”

One caveat: you must be sincere and authentic. Anything short of that and you will receive a negative boomerang.

So how can you be genuinely interested today?



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