Make Yourself Count

I was talking to something this week who was feeling left out of things at work and with his family. He is someone who invariably jumps in to solve problems, help others, and do the work others prefer to pass on.

Even though he likes to help others achieve their goals, he was feeling taken for granted. As odd as this sounds, I asked him if he took himself for granted.

My friend actually paused and thought about it before giving me a reply. He realized that unless he values himself, no one else will. As simple as that may sound, it is SO true.

Appreciation started from the self and then has the potential to ripple out.

Experiment and see what happens.

Enjoy your day,


When the Change is “Invisible”

I was chatting with someone earlier this week who has been working really hard to make positive changes in her life and transform the negative ones. When I say that she is taking massive amounts of action, this is no understatement.

All that said, she isn’t able to see the fruits of her labor. Why is it that all of her actions aren’t visible to others or herself?

I would say that her changes are “invisible”. While powerful, important, and profound, inner changes can take time to manifest externally.

So, be patient and keep going.

Have a great day,

A Diet of Appreciation

It’s spring and there is a plethora of diets – food and exercise to whip you into shape often at lightening speed. Yet, for most, they often fail us. Why is that and what can we do about it?

I have come to the conclusion is that the diets lack the two key elements of appreciation:

  • Gratitude: for ourselves, the food we have available to us, and the many people and resources we have at our disposal
  • Growth: that is required to make lasting change. As Albert Einstein once said, “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.” There is a internal component or (dare I say) transformation that needs to take place.

So whether you goal is greater health, maintaining your current weight, or dropping a few pounds – adding a bit of gratitude and growth could be just what you need to succeed for good.

Have a great week,

Learning Success From Everyone

I was chatting with a fifty-something friend today who is a little tech shy and clearly wants to get more comfortable. So, she met with a very compassionate twenty-five year old who showed her the ins and outs of Facebook. Next week, they are moving on Linked-In. My friend was thrilled at all she had learned and was eager to learn more and expand her social media savviness. At the same time, her “tech tutor” increased her confidence, patience, and capacity. Cool wins on both sides.

So, we can learn from many and teach what we know. When we do, all parties gain.

Have a great weekend,

Power Gratitude

I have a friend who was recently really sick and fortunately is happily recovering. When I saw her the other day, I asked her what she did get through her time in the hospital and the rehab that followed.

Her answer may have surprised some people, but not me. She told a group of us that she said “Thank You” to everyone – even when her speech was impaired. My friend wanted each person who helped her to know how much she appreciated their efforts – which only made them want to help her even more.

“Thank You” are two miraculous words – when you say them sincerely.

Have a great day,

Assume the Worst

Assume the Worst. Just kidding. Why would anyone do that?!? Now this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t weigh your risks. build trust over days, weeks, or even months, and build the relationship if and when that makes sense.

While assuming the worst could greatly diminish your downside and losses – it will likely eliminate many good things that could emerge.

Food for thought.

Have a great day,