Are You Too Slow for Your Own Good?

I was in the car with my next door neighbors, almost at my office. As we were turning onto Columbus Drive, there was a guy walking across the street. It appeared that he was moving in slow motion – no kidding. He also looked fairly athletic, so I couldn’t understand why he was slogging along. While he only delayed us a minute or two, it was a bit annoying.

So it made me think: where do I, you, and many others move in slow motion toward our goals and dreams? Let’s all wake up and move just a bit faster (in a focused way). If we speed up, even a little, the positive impact can be tremendous.

Just experiment and let me know how it goes.

Enjoy your weekend,


The Hunt for the Silver Lining

There are times when the hunt for the silver lining is more arduous than climbing the seven summits  – on the same day (Read as “seemingly impossible”.)

Yet, again and again, I see people search for the silver lining and find it. If the truth be told, they don’t discover some magic answer outside of themselves. They delve deep within their hearts and realize that the courage, resilience, and silver lining needed are all inside.

This is astonishing, humbling, and wildly encouraging.

Have a great day,

The Go Big AND Small Success Strategy

There are two (and often conflicting “camps”). One purports that unless you do something big, why bother. The other sees babysteps as the path to greatness.

I believe that big and small advocates can achieve even more if they happily work together.

Start with a big idea that is important enough to keep your attention, motivation, and commitment. Then take actions that are completely doable, progressive, and lead you to the big thing. You will be inspired by your aspirations and all the tiny wins along the way.

Good luck!

Have a great day,

Having Fun is Very Practical

Okay, well maybe I am not the best person to be talking about fun. I would say it’s not my best thing. I can be a bit serious which is probably not a surprise to anyone who knows me.

That said, I believe that having fun is a very practical thing to do because it releases all kinds of good chemicals to our brain that can motivate us to advance.

That said, just like anything – have fun in moderation.

Have fun day,

Who is Perfect Anyway?

I was chatting with a friend recently and he was taking yet another class on how to start a business. While I am all for lifelong learning and education, no one will ever have perfect knowledge about anything – whether it is entrepreneurship, data analytics, or parenting.

Sometimes you just need to act, make mistakes (oh my gosh!), and adjust from there. Moving ahead in small or giant steps is the only thing that will help you more “perfect”. Ironic, huh?!?

So if there is something that you want to do, of course learn – then act. Revise as needed and act some more.

Have a great day,

Is Your Success on Rock or Sand?

Success is a funny thing. It will only be as strong as its foundation. Some success is rock solid, while some is easily thwarted by changing situations, people, and attitudes.

So as you think of your success and the actions that can get you there, be sure to base things on a strong purpose, clear values, and a commitment to making your goals a reality (even it takes considerable effort – which it might).

Have a great day,