The Paradox of Choice

I met with someone today (I will call Steve) who is really extraordinary and he he has created an amazing life for he and his family. This all started when he left Eastern Europe with $20 US in his pocket and needed to take minimum wage jobs to survive.

Over the years, he has been successful in multiple countries and at a very high level. Yet now, he is at a crossroad. He is looking at what he to do next and his options are many.

You may think that this is the kind of “problem” you would like to have. Yet, this man is really struggling as more choices do not make life and success easier.

Steve, I believe, will win in the end as he has the courage to narrow his focus and toss the things that aren’t his top priority. Then the choices will be fewer and Steve will make a more optimal and beneficial decision.

Have a great day,


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