Reverse Decline

I was chatting with a friend I have know a long time who lives in Kansas. He has faced some very serious challenges in the last few years. While he has not stopped moving ahead with his career and life, he told me that he feels like he was dragging an anchor behind him with everything that he did.

What struck me was that he was almost proud of his self-described suffering. When I asked him why, he told me that struggles and suffering were “normal” in his family. It’s just how things were.

His face contorted and he was actually shocked by his own words and realized that if he wanted to have a happier life, something needed to change within himself. As he refused to suffer over challenges and instead use his amazing mind to find solutions – quickly and elegantly, he felt much better – and reversed his decline.

My lesson from my friend is this: we will have challenges, but suffering is optional.

Have a great week,


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