Want to Be Successful and Happy, Do This.

I was visiting with a group at a global company recently and they have hit a rough stop. The good news is that they want to make changes to fix what is not working. That said, after listening to their team, it doesn’t seem that they are open to new ways of doing things. This is a dilemma that both organizations and individuals face all over the world and is virtually every area you can imagine.

People (and organizations) have goals and dreams and they want to achieve them. Yet, there is often a gap between desire and outcome. I believe that the missing piece is a lack of something – be it courage or a willingness to expand capacity (which often goes back to lack of courage or fear).

Please realize that you don’t need to take giant steps toward our goal today to build your capacity. Start with easy, BabySteps and build from there. Above all else, keep an open mind – all along the way.

Have a great one,


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