Your Power Advantage Over Challenges

I was talking to someone recently (let’s call him “Steve”) who had been struggling with a significant challenge for more than a year. He had clearly turned the corner and when I asked him how he did, Steve was only too happy to tell me.

The big shift for him was his vantage point in relation to the problem. Last year, he was looking up at the problem and all of the aspects overwhelmed him. This year, he is looking down on the problem, and while still challenging, it felt so much smaller – and consequently, he has the perspective and wherewithal to solve it.

I clearly wanted specifics and this is what he shared:

  • Steve looked for the smaller pieces and he was able to find things that were under his control;
  • He acted on those instead of battling with items which required others to change (which he could not control); and
  • He took a step back, at least once a week, and documented what went well and what could be even better if.

Once he was able to make progress (even in tiny steps), he felt better about his situation -which gave him more confidence, courage, and determination to move ahead even more. It’s the classic virtuous circle.

So if you are in the midst of what seems like a deadlock, consider Steve’s approach.

Have a great week,


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