The Feeling/Success Powerhouse

There have been people for hundreds of years who believe that thinking makes it so. While thinking and believing with your head it essential, it’s so clearly incomplete. Otherwise, we would have a thought and it would super quickly manifest. Yet this rarely happens.

The missing piece is feelings. There must be an emotional component to a goal, aspiration, or dream to give it the fuel to ride through any obstacles and stay on course. I would say that one of the most important emotions is gratitude – both during the fantastic times and challenging ones.

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One Reply to “The Feeling/Success Powerhouse”

  1. I nearly objected to this post. Then I reread it and it’s brilliant! In my opinion feelings, passion and thinking are never enough. They won’t get you past the grind, when everything feels hard, life sucks and you’re exhausted. No one can stay motivated 365 days a year. But gratitude – it’s the key! Be grateful for what you have. I’m not ashamed to admit there are many times I’d like to stay on the sofa and watch Netflix instead of going to the gym. But I remember the time I was so sick I couldn’t even walk. And I’m filled with gratitude that my amazing body has the power to lift weights bigger than I ever imagined, and I don’t have any problems motivating myself. I’m so lucky I’m able to live and lift.

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