Is Your Solution the Only One?

I was faced with a dilemma a couple of weeks ago when I was told in uncertain terms that my thoughts about something were just plain wrong.

In a work setting, there is usually a middle ground with many voices / opinions taken into account. It gets a little trickier with friends and family where the relationships are deep, long existing, and complicated.

My immediate reaction was that I wanted to be RIGHT, yet that isn’t a place from where dialogue can flourish. So, I took a step back and listened – being open to accepting new points of view about the subject. In some ways I was able to do this and in other ways not (I am a work in process just like everyone else). In the end, I could see both sides and knew where I needed to solidify what I already believed to be true and incorporate a broader perspective.

One thing I learned for sure: when I see only one perspective and solution, I need to pause, open my mind, and listen with my full attention to what I might need to learn.

Have a great day,


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