Success in a Box

Does this sound like someone you know (or even you): you have a goal or dream and know exactly what it would look like and yet you have tabled it for some undefined time in the future? Now, I am not judging you or anyone – that would be completely hypocritical. Yet I notice that many individuals, including myself, will put success in a pretty box to be opened in the future.

I would suggest three things:

  1. Revisit the goal and see if you still have passion around it and want to pursue it;
  2. Refine the goal and make it clear, concrete, and understandable; and
  3. Find even one small action that is absolutely doable and begin RIGHT NOW

Oh, one more thing, have people around you who will encourage you and provide honest and compassionate feedback so you are able to get better and better – and ultimately achieve your goal.

So, take your success out of the box and enjoy the ride.



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