Scared and It’s Not Even Halloween Yet

Two years ago, I began a journey of what I wanted to write and speak about next. My thoughts crystallized into a program I delivered on how to be happier and more successful by focusing our brain toward the things that empower us and connect us to others (with neurobiological studies to back me up). It was successful, yet it felt incomplete at some level.

Fast forward to 1.1.2015 and a streamlined version came into focus that I have been developing, sharing, and refining. So this weekend, I have an opportunity to present the program twice and I am scared. Believe me, it’s not the part about getting in front of people and presenting – it’s how important I know the subject matter it and I want to get it right, so the material can be absorbed, incorporated, and leveraged.

Not to worry. While I have been wrestling with doubt, insecurity, and perfectionism – I have pinned them twice and getting stronger each time.

More to report next week.

Have a great day,


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