Turning the Tide

I have been in touch with a long-time friend who moved out of Chicago after he completed his graduate degree many years ago. We reconnect periodically and pick up where we left off. I really like this friend – A LOT. So, when we recently reached out I was delighted to hear from him.

He immediately started to explain why he has been out of touch for so long. Not to go into the details, but he has had a really hard time in the last few years – from career to health to family. Nothing seemed to go right for him. That said, his voice was strong, vibrant, and full of energy. His story and his presence didn’t seem to match. When I asked him about it, he told me that while those few years were horrible, he found a nugget of hope. Once he discovered this, he was able to dig deeper and find even more.

I am very proud of you, my friend and so glad we have stayed in touch all this time.



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