Critical Success Transformation

I was chatting with a friend who was advancing very nicely and then his growth stalled out – which greatly (and understandably) frustrated him. At first (and very naturally), he wanted to look for reasons in others, organizations, and the circumstances for why he wasn’t progressing. As he shared this with me, he realized that he had influence, but no control over others and even his company and the situation. This was pivotal for him getting unstuck.

My friend began to look for what he could control – like his behavior, attitude, and actions. As he did, he felt empowered and began to take on more challenging things – focusing on transforming himself from the inside.

He recently sent me an update: his success is growing again and he is really thrilled.

So glad, my friend. It takes courage to assume responsibility and make the not so easy changes within your heart and mind first.

Have a great day,


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