Looking Forward to 2016 With You

It’s been a great year and I deeply appreciate  your continuing comments, suggestions, and support.

This is a time of year I self-reflect, relax, and rejuvenate.

Happy a great holiday season and see you back on 1.4.2016.

In the meantime, set your 2016 goals honoring your aspirations, values, and heart.

Thank you,


Serving Success

I was with a group of friends the last two evenings who were reviewing their respective year and looking forward to the future. One question came up both evenings and it was this: how to I breakthrough a persistent challenge?

The answer was clear, concrete, and consistent. Start where you are with a small action that leads to a small success. That victory leads to greater confidence and bigger actions and bigger successes. Repeat and repeat and repeat.


Have a great day,

Bounce Back Doesn’t Mean Go Back

I was chatting with my coach, Susan, and she was encouraging me to write about my “bouncing back” after being crushed by an elevator. I told her that I don’t believe that someone can really bounce back as things will never be as they were before.

Susan jumped all over that. “Anita,” she said. “bouncing back doesn’t mean going back. It means that you have the resilience to create a new and better life.”

That I could buy into and I have. If you are struggling to bounce back, think of your next move as bouncing ahead – and definitely not going back.

Have a great day,

Success, Failure, or Mediocrity

Success is the prize for many and failure is something to be feared. Yet failure is not the opposite of success, mediocrity is. Even if you miss the mark, you’re out there swinging. Settling for average, or even worse, leftover crumbs you scrape up from the floor – that’s the real failure.

So batter up and put everything into whatever you do.

Have a great weekend,

Say “Yes” Now

Taking on a new goal can be exciting and scary simultaneously – at least it is for me. That said, if you really are interested in a goal, say “Yes” to it. What I mean by that is find one (even tiny) action that you can take right now. It could be as simple as buying a new pen to take notes, downloading an app to help you track your progress, or sharing your goal with a friend who can help remind you are what you want to do.

Just say “Yes” now!