Just Decide With Why as Your Guide

I was working with someone this morning who was quite overwhelmed by the choices she is facing. She had multiple career options – including two great job offers. Now, most people might think, “grow up lady and make a decision”.

For some, that is easier said than done. There is a clear reason for this and it’s wanting to NOT make a mistake or needing to make a PERFECT decision. Since neither is possible you can do three things:

  1. First and foremost KNOW WHY! This is the beginning, middle, and end of everything.
  2. Do your homework and give yourself a limit to how much research you will do. Take what you learn and lay it out to look at the pros and cons.
  3. Make a decision that helps you leverage your credibility, experience and interest

Finally, realize that this decision will likely not be your last. Understand why you are doing whatever you pursue and do your best (given who are you and what you know) and enjoy the adventure.

Have a great weekend,


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