The Success Power Combo: Knowing Why and How

Many people start goals, yet fewer complete them and live their dreams.

So what can get you over the finish line?

Clearly there are many factors, but I would like to focus on two today. I call them the Success Combo of Why and How.

  • “Why” gives you the sense of commitment, purpose, and motivation to continue moving ahead when you face challenges, obstacles, and the like. Digging into the why is worth the time, the effort, and making a priority. Simon Simek, believes everything starts with why and has one of the all-time most watched TED talk on the subject. Listen and learn.
  • How” is the second and complementary factor for success. While why is foundational, adding how to the mix will increase your chances of achieving your goal. Someone I met recently told me that when you are building out your plan / approach for accomplishing your goal, you need to ask yourself how 7-10 times to get to the tactics. I would add – with all of the “hows” keep an open mind as things unfold.

So, mobilize this success power combo – today and for years to come.

Have a great day,


Success Genius – It’s Not About IQ

When I noticed that Samir Wagle, President and CEO of Protein Bar was speaking at Chicago Booth, I was all in (despite the 7:15 a. m. start time).

Samir is committed, knowledgeable, and very intelligent. While he shared many things, one really stuck in my mind. It was this: Genius is not how smart you are in the conventional sense of the word. One is a “genius” when even the seemingly negative things in life are clearly and quickly seen as opportunities for gain – and that you have the wherewithal to capitalize on these lessons.

So, are you a “genius” today?


Success By Following Your Curiosity

Some people believe that to really succeed you need to know your passion and follow it.

What if you don’t have a particular passion at a specific time?

Well, I would say that many people fall into that category (myself included at times).

So what is a person to do? Consider following your curiosity. Find something about which you are curious and then learn more about it. Who knows what might follow from that: a new hobby? new career? new friends? Opportunities abound.

Have fun with it,

More Important to Success Than Loving What You Do

I have been reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic. One thing that really struck me was how she suggested that while doing what you love is great, be sure that your work loves you, too. You may wonder why is this important? From my personal experience, when my work “loves” me, I have more focused energy, inner motivation, and greater innovative ideas, solutions, and effectiveness.

So, I would suggest as you review your own work situation, look at what you gain as well as what you give each day. This perspective will help you be even more successful and enjoy what you do and the people with whom you work.


One Person Sees a Problem, Another Sees a Big Success

I attended an event last night with Hap Klopp, the founder and former President of The North Face. He talked about how there is a fine line between failure and success. It often depends on if you see a challenge as an impediment that could lead to failure or an opportunity that could create economic and social value.

Think about it this way: the next time you approach a problem, assume there is an opportunity waiting for you.

Enjoy your weekend,

Bold BabyStepping

Bold BabyStepping may seem like an oxymoron, but it actually isn’t. Tiny steps can help us create forward motion, accelerated momentum, and increased capacity. Yet if the actions are too small they may not power us to keep going and achieve our goals and dreams.

Think of Bold BabyStepping as actions that are accessible and yet stretch us (even a bit). Taking one Bold BabyStep after another results in inspiration and encouragement for ourselves and others.

So experiment and report back.